Simple Life

by Stuart Niemi

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Recorded in various studios located in LA, NYC and Italy.
Last recording session of famed Trumpet player Lou Soloff (Former Boold, Sweat and Tears).


released September 3, 2016

I. I GOT A PENNY (3:21) ° §
2. ’27 (3:06) ° xx
3. SIMPLE LIFE (2:36) °
4. DUST! (4:18) ° Ö, xx
5. HONKEY TONK DEVIL (3:48) ° §
6. THE 405 (3:57) °‡ Ö xx
8. SINKIN' IN CHICAGO 3:52) § ∆ Tuck Andress, Guitar, Alex Foster , Alto Solo.

°Stuart Niemi - Baritone guitar, Guitars, and Slide Guitars
Lorenzo Forti - Electric Bass and Upright
Lorenzo Nardi - Drums
Piero Olmo - Guitar

Horn arrangement §
Alex Foster - Alto and Tenor Saxes,
Lauren Wood - Baritone sax
Frank Lacy - Trombone
Lew Soloff - Trumpet

Additional Musicians:
Tuck Andress, Guitar.
Rick “Moon” Calhoun, Vocal Arrangements. xx
Tim Hinkley, Keys,££
Doug Livingston, Steel Guitar. ‡
Sebastian Nicoll. Congas. ∆
John “JT” Thomas, Keys. Ö

Production Notes: Tracks 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 were tracked at Boomker Sound, Florence, Italy Sept/Oct. 2013.
Track 8, @ Binky Studio, Menlo Park, CA.
Track 4 was tracked at Moonscape, dubbed and pre-mixed at JT’s hotel, Reseda, CA. Remixed at Boomker.
Track 2 was originated at Moonscape, reconstructed at Angelo Studio, Garlasco, It. and Mixed at Boomker.

Engineering: Fede K9-Engineering and Mixing, Boomker Sound. Lorenzo Nardi-Production and engineering assistance.
John “JT” Thomas-Engineering, Re-Recording and Mixing (tracks 4 and 6) JT’s hotel, Reseda, CA.
Justin Stanley-Mixing (tracks 3, 6 and 7). Stella Sound, Los Angeles, CA.
Marc Urcelli, NYC. Mixing track 8 Matt Dicky NYC.-Engineering and production assistance. Mastered by Marc Urcelli.
Produced by Stuart Niemi for Lorenza Gandaglia Design.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: '27
Lay Down river, Man’s gotta cross. X2
I Gotta see my baby no matter what the cost

Sky quit a cryin end my misery, X2
Let your sun outshinin’ & leave my river be

Been too long on the farm
Gotta cross somehow for my babys charm
Bridge is out and the waters high
I’m gotta see my sugar ‘fo I die

The Flood is rushin and ferry went down.
I gotta get my baby up to Higher Ground
Rivers a risen, rain comin down hard
Gotta cross the water fore I’m gone.
Track Name: Dust!
The rain don’t fall the creek won’t rise
Everybody is so surprised
From the county farm office to the Congressman
Its Dust again

What did we do to ease this pain
Were lookin to the heavens for some answers again
And no one wants to take the blame
Dust again (Alone…No Vocal Back)

Now I don’t want to ring no bell
But I stare into the depths of my deep dark well
And I drop a rock but all I can tell
Is dust again. (Dust again) Dust!

The sun shines hotter than ever before
Should end pretty soon I just don’t know
If it all drys up we]ll have to go
To dust again

so got me a shovel and I got me a pick (got him a shovel)
I tighten my jaw aint gonna be licked. (aint gonna be licked)
But I dig a little deeper and all I get is
Dust again

the corn wont grow, aint got No Hay
and pretty damn soon Ill just blow away
aint much reason for me to stay
its Dust again

all we did was what were told
now were waitin for the comin but he just don’t show
and pretty damn soon well have to go/ Got plenty of nothing don’t need no more.
to dust again,
Track Name: Courtney's Dancin' Tonight
Courtney (is dancing tonight) (Stuart Niemi)
« © '06 Spectre Music, BMI / Magnachord Music, ASCAP »

I wrote an editorial got published in the NY times
Talkin bout the morals in America that’s on the decline
The preacher from the church’s on the phone and he’s talking me blind
But I don’t hear a word cause Courtney’ is dancing tonight

I told my self that I shouldn’t go there no more
but Im talking to a man that’s really raving outta control
Strugglin with a lie & fightin with all of my might
Im’ losing again cause Courtney’s dancing tonight X2

Dance for me pretty thing, You know what I want
Shake it, Shake it all around, Show me what you got, Whatcha got

Tomorrow I speak to the class that’ll graduate
And Ill say things to inspire and motivate
How do I tell em the way I feel inside?
The only thing that matter ’z that Courtney’s dancing tonight

I got a little quite cause I finally put the kids to sleep
The church is on hold and tomorrow Ill finish that speech
My wifes on the net booking us a getaway flight.
And Im in walkin’ out the door cause Courtney’s dancing tonight.

Dance for me pretty thing, You got what I want
Shake it, Shake it on and on, You know that your hot
Dance for me little one we got what we need
Shake it, shake it all around. Take all that you can steal
Dance for me round and round, You know what I want
Shake it, Shake it up and down, no said you can’t.

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